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Rolley-Ball Rolley-Ball

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is by far my favorite online game. I love strategy games and the music in this makes me never want to leave the game! Nice Work!

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FEAST - Shits Goin' Down FEAST - Shits Goin' Down

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Nice work, I reckon it should be made longer, you know, about 4 minutes or so, but I love this its great

FEAST responds:

Lol would have been better if you were like, "Nice work, I reckon it should be made longer, you know, about 4 days or so, but I love this its great"

Shifted Paradigm Shifted Paradigm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

10 Out of 10!

This is just pure EPIC! :D I am almost speechless!

[DJ_ITD] - Silent Ambition [DJ_ITD] - Silent Ambition

Rated 5 / 5 stars


00:00 - Nice intro
00:07 - Very nice beat and bass - loving it!
00:23 - Introduction of a nice sound although a bit repetitive
00:50 - Love this increase in beat and the introduction of
01:25 - The noise that started at 00:23 should stop now
01:49 - Nice beat drop
02:26 - love this!
02:32 - Really cool :D
03:09 - Really like this piano, nice and peaceful
03:39 - beat starting to come back in :)
04:06 - Unexpected but quite cool
04:36 - Shame that lead went quiet for a few seconds but its effective
05:05 - could do with a massive power increase and kick bu maybe that's just me
05:35 - You killed the lead!
05:50 - Liking that buzzing bass going on there
06:20 - Gradual beat decline: this is good stuff
07:01 - That sound is wicked! And a nice way to end the song. Also, thanks to this playing on loop mode I have realized that's the same sound as the beginning, so its like how on films it starts off where everything is normal, then something happens, and by the end of the film everything's back to normal :D

Overall, I think at 05:05 I would have loved it if you introduced an even more powerful lead over top of that, and made it all pick up and liven up. But I can see that this is more of a peaceful trance respectfully.
Rating: 10/10
Score: 5/5
Downloaded? Hell yeah :D - Love nice long tracks, can't stand short 2-3 minute ones because they get good then they just end just as you're getting into it.

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